Birla Group of Companies: keenly aware of its social responsibilities :

M.P Birla Group Companies abide in taking Corporate responsibility very seriously. In keeping with all the statutory requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 Certification for Environment Management Systems under consideration, major portion of the Birla Group’s CSR initiatives has a responsibility to maintain a healthy ecological balance and a secure work environment . Birla believes to manage companies soundly, profitably to serve the need of its consumers, employees, and the communities.

The Birla Group is also known for its contribution in benevolent and educational activities. It donates millions every year to technical institutions, famine, relief funds, hospitals, and religious organizations. It has set up some of the most prominent educational institutions and hospitals in the country.

The M.P. Birla is akin to the phrase “An Anchor in the ocean”, as he is a role model and a perfect example of a responsible, modern day leader, who has successfully changed the face of Indian industries. Considering, the new advancement, technologies, and ongoing demands of the dynamic global market as well as consumers. Thereby, changing the course of life for the millions who stands for India – a shining jewel amongst the countries of the world.


Group Philanthropic Activities


"From God we receive and to God we offer"

The M.P. Birla Group has significant presence in the fields of education, healthcare and scientific research as well as literary, cultural and purely charitable areas.