Solid / Foam Skin Insulated, Individual Screened Twisted Pairs, PVC Sheathed, Overall Screened Telecommunication Cables


Typical Cross section for Armoured Cable

Electrical Characteristics:

Conductor Resistance at 200C (O /Km) 86 ± 3
Resistance Unbalance (%) 2.5 (Max. Indiv.)
1.0(Max. Avg.)
Insulation Resistance at 500 V Dc(M O Km) 10,000
Dielectric Strength
4. 2.4 KV Dc for 3 seconds With stands
Mutual capacitance at 1 KHz (nF/Km) 45 ± 5
Earth capacitance unbalance (pF/500m) 2000 (Max.)
Characteristics impedance at 1 MHZ (O ) 120 ± 10
Attenuation at 20°c at 1 MHz (dB/Km) 20 dB/Km (Max.)
Cross Talk [pair to pair within unit]
Near end cross talk at 1 MHZ (dB) 85 (Min.)
Far end cross talk at 1 MHZ (dB/Km) 67 (Min.)


  • Available in standard conductor sizes of 0.5mm diameter.
  • Available in 1 Pair to 16 Pair and more if required.
  • Meets the flammability test requirement as per IEC 332 (Part-1)
  • TEC approved cable as per GR/WIR-04/02 Nov 2001
  • Excellent protection to cross-talk and Electromagnetic Induction

Cable Diameter , Standard Length & Packing:

Cable Diameter : 10 P: 15 mm (Maximum)
  16 P: 18 mm (Maximum)
Standard Length : 500 mtr ± 10%
Packing : Wound and packed in wooden drums

Colour Code:

Each pair shall be Red for Wire-1 and Blue for Wire-2, with serial number of the pair viz. 1 to 10/16, marked at regular interval, on the outer surface of the Aluminium film used for Pair Screening.