Typical Cross section of Hybrid Cable

Cable Construction Details

Central Strength Member Upcoated Fibre Reinforced Plastic-FRP (Non metallic)
Loose tube 2 No. PBT Loose tube filled with Thixotropic Jelly
No. of Quads 6 Quads with Identification binders
Core wrapping Polyester Tape applied helically
Moisture Barrier Aluminium Foil
Inner Sheath PE Inner Sheath
Screening Aluminium wire screening
Tape Barrium Chromate Tape
Intermediate Sheath PE Intermediate Sheath
Armouring Double Steel tape armouring
Outer Sheath PE Outer Sheath

Color Coding - Fibre & Tube

Blue Orange Green Brown Grey White Red Black Yellow Violet Pink Aqua

Special Features

  • Suitable for underground installation on pathways or roads
  • Rodent & Termite proof.
  • Robust under all conditions of operation, adjustment, replacement, storage and transport.
  • Suitable for lightning prone areas
  • Better tensile strength

Drum Length

  • 1000 meters ± 5%

Mechanical Characteristics

Tensile strength : 5000 N
Cable Bend Test : 20D
Repeated Bending test : 5 kg, 30 Cycles
Torsion Test : 400 N
Crush Resistance : 4000 N, 600 Sec
Impact Test : 50 N, 10 Impact
Kink Test : 20 D
Operating Temp. : 200C to +700C
Water Penetration Test : 3mtrs sample, 1mtr Height

Physical Characteristics

Cable Outer Diameter : 30.0 + 4.0 mm
Nominal Cable Weight : 1500 Kg/KM

Color Coding for Quad :

No1 - White, Orange, Red , Green No2 - White, Blue, Red , Green
No3 - White, Brown, Red , Green No4 - White, Green, Red , Green
No5 - White, Yellow, Red , Green No6 - White, Black, Red , Green