Fibre Pigtail Series – ST (Singlemode/Multimode)



  • Excellent changability and directivity
  • 100% optically tested(Insertion loss)
  • Pre-polished connectors
  • Accurate mounting dimentions
  • As per ITU standard


  • Local area Networks
  • Fast Ethernet
  • ATM Networks
  • Testing and measuring instruments
  • FDMS, Mounts in wall mount cabinets and rack mount units

Product Description

Birla pigtails offers Birla pigtails offers superior performance with very high repeatability. The optical fiber pigtails are essential when terminating cables within the splice closure. Purchasing the prepolished assemblies the risk away of poor connector termination in the project. Cables terminated within the production facility will give the higher performance than cable terminated at site. The cables and connectors used in Birla is the best. It is our expertise in Fibre and cable manufacturing that sets our product higher than others. We manufacture the optical fiber assemblies using biconic and SMA through ST, SC to today's small form factor connectors like LC, MU or MT-RJ. If you have the fiber network no matter what the technology is Birla can offer you the solution form optical cable assemblies. With Birla cable assembly you can be confident that you are using very best cable, fiber and connectors in the globe.

Technical Features

Parameters Multimode Single mode
Insertion loss 0.2dB Typical 0.15dB Typical
0.3dB Max 0.25dB Max
Back Reflection -25dB Typical -35dB PC Polish
-45dB Super PC Polich
-55dB Ultra PC Polish
Connection Durability 500 Matings 500 Matings
Connector Repeatability ΔIL < 0.2dB ΔIL < 0.1dB
Operating Environment -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C
Temperature Cycling ΔIL < 0.2dB/ΔRL < 5dB ΔIL < 0.2dB/ΔRL < 5dB
Vibration ΔIL < 0.1dB/ΔRL < 5dB ΔIL < 0.1dB/ΔRL < 5dB
Cable retension > 6.8 kg > 6.8 kg