Fibre Management Series – Wall mount


Product Description

Birla FMS offers superior performance with very high stablity. The Wall mount fiber optic housings are ideal for telecommunications closet where rack space is not available. The wall mount housing provide easy access and installation of fiber distribution modules or standard adapter panels. The wall mount housing can accommodate both loose tube and tight buffered cables for greater flexibility. A wall mount housing with pre-terminated FDM can increase the productivity of installation crew during installation. The wall mount housings are constructed from sheet metal with robust powder coat and light textured finish. An optional locking kit is available for extra security. The wall mount fiber optic housing can be used for both singlemode and multimode applications and the FDMs or panels are compatible with industry standard hardware.

Technical Features

Parameters Advantage
Lockable(option) Restricts entry and elliminate unauthorised access
Compact Easily mounted on wall or in raised floor using minimal space
Identification lable Facilitates the location of specific cables quickly and easily
Available pre-loaded Installs quickly with minimal tools
Grommetted cable entry Protect cable from damage
Internal cable management system available Excess cable stored quickly and neatly