Fibre Management Series – Rackmount


Product Description

Birla FMS offers superior performance with very high stablity. The Rackmount housings are suitable for any cable design and cable used with any standard Fibre distribution management system with standard adapter plates. The rack mount housings are available in 1U to 4U rack space version and can fit into a standard 19” equipment rack or cabinet. The 1U sized panels is available with front and rear access of patchcord. The 4U sized housing is equipment with front and rear doors. These panels accommodate standard adapters.

Technical Features

Parameters Advantage
Fast and easy installation in equipment rack Minimised installation cost and leadtime
FDMS and adapter plates mounted with simple twist lock fastners Fast setup and changes to system configurations
Easy access to front and rear connectors for moudular cable attachements Easy access to connectors for cleaning and reconfiguration
compact In 1U upto 24F and 4U can accommodate 144F
Flexible Easily reconfigured with industry standard hardware parts
Easily reconfigured with industry standard hardware parts Saves time
Large strudy slack management brackets Saves time in installation