Fibre Patchcord Series – FC (Singlemode/Multimode)


Product Description

The FOSC 400 cable sealing system provides a great deal of flexibility. For example, four small cables can be terminated in the two round ports of a B2 closure with the use of branch-off clips. It is also possible to terminate three cables in the oval port of either closure.

These two closures are identical except for their end cable port configurations. In addition to a large oval port for the main distribution cable, the B2 closure has two large round ports for branch cable splices and the B4 closure has four small round ports for multiple drop applications.

Technical Features

Sr. No Description Particulars
1 Dimension (L x D)mm 540 x 180
2 Weight (KG) < 5
3 Construction Material
Dome, Base P-propylene
Tray ABS
4 Round port for cable 8-18mm (max) 4
5 Oval port for cable 10-25 mm (max) 1
6 Number of Fibres (max)) 144
7 Number of Splicing trays (max) 6
8 Number of splices per tray (max) 24
9 Degree of protection IP68
10 Max no. of cable entries 6
11 Operating temperature Up to 65 Deg C

Technical Features

Description Type Qty
Splice protector tube   According to the fiber cores
Fibre protector tube   According to the splice tray
Marking note   1 (piece)
Abrasive cloth   1 (piece)
Cables ties   4 splice tray
Fixture for fixing on the pole   1 set (2 pcs)
Adjustable retainer for fixing on the pole   1 set (1 big 1 small)
Plastic hoop   1 (set)
Branching card   1 (piece)
Earthing wire   1 (STICK)
Heat-shrinkable tube 32 - 00 4 (PCS)
Heat-shrinkable tube 70 - 50 1 (piece)

Pack Information

Inner Carton Dimension (mm) Inner Carton Weight (kg) Outside Carton Dimension (mm) Outside Carton Weight (kg) No. of Units per Carton (pcs)
580 x 245 x 205 3.5 510 x 415 x 610 15.6 4